4 Advantages Of PoE Switches For Your Business

Posted on: 23 March 2017

A PoE switch stands for Power over Ethernet. It is a form of technology that allows an Ethernet signal to be extended through the use of low-voltage current. PoE Switches can offer your business a variety of different advantages

#1 More Flexibility With Set-Up

One of the biggest advantages of using PoE switches in your business is that it can provide your business with more flexibility in how it is set-up. You will not have to worry about if a particular device is close to a power source or an Ethernet outlet. You will not be restricted on putting devices near current outlets. Additionally, you will not be forced to install outlets where you don't want them just so you can use different devices within your business. You will have more flexibility in how your set up and configure your business through the use of PoE switches

#2 Cost-Saving Measure

Using a PoE device to broadcast an Ethernet signal to your various PoE enabled devices can be a cost saving measure. You don't have to install new power outlets and cords throughout your business, which can save you a lot of installation and maintenance money. Instead, you just need to worry about taking care of your PoE device and keeping it in good shape.

#3 Manage Power Sources

The third thing that a PoE switch can do is ensure that your most vital devices always have power. Devices such as your surveillance cameras, wireless access points and telephones can be run via a PoE signal. You can set up your PoE switch so that it runs on either a battery or a generator or is attached to either a battery or a generator as a backup source of power.

If the power ever goes out, your important devices do not have to go down as well. You can still use the internet, phone and run your surveillance cameras using a backup source of power. You can even control which specific devices you want the power directed to via your PoE switch and have more control over what you keep online in the event of a power outage.

#4 Long-Term Investment

Finally, installing PoE switches is a long-term investment. PoE switches are designed to work with the current industry standard of Ethernet and data transfer rate. However, they are also set up to handle much faster rates of data transfer than is currently available on the market in most places. That means that any PoE switch that you install now should work and be able to support the date rates of the future as well. 

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